15 Whole30 Pantry List Essentials (Paleo Whole30) – must-have, can’t-live-without pantry items that you’ll use everyday on your Whole30 journey! 

For all of you preparing for a January Whole30, I have the list for you!!  These are my must-have pantry staples for surviving a round of Whole30.  As I prep to start a round of Whole30 on January 2, I am busy making meal plans and grocery lists.  If you’re new to Whole30, you can follow along by following my Instagram account for daily tips, recipes, and progress updates and subscribing here:

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I believe effective prepping and planning ahead is the key to Whole30 success.  Hectic mornings and busy evenings can easily derail one from the plan, so having essentials on hand is extra helpful.  The following items will be making VERY frequent appearances in my favorite recipes and meal plans, so I like to stock up.  Nearly all of these items can be found in your local grocery store, but if you’re looking to simplify and buy on-line or in bulk, I’ve included suggestions and links on where to purchase. Thrive Market is my favorite one stop shop for most of the essentials.  They have the best organic items at a discount.  In a few cases, I’ve included homemade versions that are just as good and can save you some $$!

  1. Ghee & Grass Fed Butter (for making ghee)

2. Coconut Milk

3. Compliant Mayonnaise

4. Seasonings

5. Compliant Broth (Chicken, Vegetable, Beef)

6. Coconut Aminos

7. Avocado Oil

8. Franks Red Hot Sauce

9. Almond Flour

10. Almond Butter

11. Tomatoes

12. Arrowroot Powder

13. Minced Garlic

  • Buy it here: Kirkland Minced Garlic – best to buy in bulk because you’ll go through a lot of it!
  • How to use it: soups, roasted veggies, marinades, etc.

14. Salad Dressings

15. Emergency Snack Bars

  • Buy it here: Larabars.  Fruit/nut combos only – sorry, no chocolate chip varieties! Cashew Cookie, Apple Pie, and Carrot Cake are just a few of the compliant flavors.
  • How to use it: as a snack/sweet option to be used in emergencies only, not everyday!

whole30 pantry essentials list

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