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Whole30 Baked Fries with Chili Ranch Fry Sauce (Whole30 Paleo)

whole30 baked fries close up

Whole30 Baked Fries with Chili Ranch Fry Sauce (Whole30 Paleo) – a winning combo of crispy baked fries and flavor packed dipping sauce that is Whole30 compliant! If I could say just one positive thing about Whole30, it’s that the food is honestly so GOOD.  Whole foods and healthy fats, the cornerstones of Whole30, are pretty darn tasty!  Of course, if you’re a sugar fiend, you’re going to miss it,…

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Whole30 Curried Broccoli Slaw

whole30 curried broccoli slaw in wooden bowl

Whole30 Curried Broccoli Slaw – crunchy, satisfying, and nutritious, this 5 minute salad packs a huge punch of flavor and is a great addition to any meal! When I need a quick side dish or lunch idea, I love to get creative with a bag of broccoli slaw.  This Whole30 Curried Broccoli Slaw came together on my last round of Whole30 and ended up being a huge favorite.  It’s full…

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Rainbow Veggie “Rice” (Whole30 Paleo)

top down of rainbow veggie rice in skillet

Rainbow Veggie “Rice” (Whole30 Paleo) – this colorful and tasty side is full of nutrition, Whole30 friendly, and kid approved.  Paired with your favorite protein, it’s a great way to get your daily dose of veggies! Looking for the perfect veggie-loaded side dish or a carb/grain alternative?    This Rainbow Veggie Rice may be my new favorite thing!  In the midst of cleaning out my veggie drawer the other day,…

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Meal Prep Mason Jar Cobb Salad (Whole30, Paleo)

whole30 mason jar cobb salad

Meal Prep Mason Jar Cobb Salad (Whole30, Paleo) – lunch is served with this made-ahead fresh and tasty Cobb Salad!  Add to your meal prep routine for an easy and nutritious salad that is ready to go! Happy Weekend Friends!!  Welcome to my weekly Meal Prep post!  At my house, weekends are for designated family fun time and dabbling in the never ending list of home projects.  They are also…

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Best Asian Sesame Dressing (Whole30 Paleo)

asian sesame dressing in a jar

Best Asian Sesame Dressing (Whole30 Paleo) – the best tasting, from scratch Asian dressing you’ll ever taste!  Made with no added refined sugars and perfect for Whole30/Paleo plans.  I originally created this dressing for my Asian Chicken Chopped Salad because I wanted to enjoy classic Asian flavors on a round of Whole30 (no dairy, soy, sugar, grains, etc.)  That salad quickly became and remains my most popular recipe, and I…

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Crispy Rosemary Baked Curly Fries (Whole30 Paleo)

baked curly fries whole30

Crispy Rosemary Baked Curly Fries (Whole30 Paleo) – easy to make curly fries that are crispy with a touch of rosemary.  Kid friendly, comfort food made healthy! Today I busted out my spiralizer and made some curly fries!  Baked (not fried), Whole30 compliant, and oh so tasty!!  With a sprinkle of fresh rosemary, these crispy spiralized potatoes are full of flavor and are the perfect side dish to any meal. …

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Clean Eating Meal Prep Guide & Whole30 Meal Plan (Week 2)

whole30 meal plan and meal prep guide

Clean Eating Meal Prep Guide & Whole30 Meal Plan (Week 2) – Weekly Meal Prep tips featuring clean, whole food recipes with a bonus meal plan and shopping list for Whole 30 program followers or those wishing to kick start a clean-eating lifestyle! Here we go!  Week 2 of the new year and week 2 of Whole30!  If you’re just joining us, this is where I publish a weekly clean…

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30 Best & Easy Whole30 Recipes (Whole30 Paleo)

30 BEST EASY Whole30 recipes

30 Best & Easy Whole30 Recipes (Whole30 Paleo) – 30 awesome family friendly recipes to keep you inspired and on track during your Whole30 journey! Week One of our Whole30 is underway!  My secret to success for this round is to keep our meals completely fuss free and family friendly.  I see too often people get overwhelmed with complicated recipes, elaborate meal planning, and fancy ingredients.  There is a lot of…

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Clean Eating Meal Prep Guide (Week 7)

Clean Eating Meal Prep Guide (Week 7) – Weekly Meal Prep tips featuring clean, whole food recipes.  Always simple and always family friendly!  It’s my mission to provide homemade, clean meals and avoid processed ingredients as much as possible for my family.  In this weekly series, I will be sharing what I’m prepping for the week ahead.  Pre-prepping is my secret for grabbing breakfast on the way out the door and…

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Whole30 Egg Roll Bowls

whole30 egg roll bowls

Whole30 Egg Roll Bowls – a simple one pot meal with awesome egg roll flavor, but healthier!  Whole30, Paleo, gluten and dairy free. With the holidays approaching, I know there will be tons of extra food temptation and plenty of overindulgences in my future.  To compensate in between all of the food splurges, I’m trying to keep to a clean eating, low carb meal plan.  These Egg Roll Bowls are…

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