Weekly Meal Plans include healthy, family-friendly options for the week ahead.  With a little prep work on Sunday, you will enjoy a week free of meal-induced stress!

Welcome to my very first Meal Plan!  These meal plans will be posted on Saturday for the week ahead so you can follow along with your shopping and prepping if you so choose. 🙂 

Sunday has always been my meal prep day.  Call me strange, but I love this process.  Probably because it’s a good excuse to be in my kitchen – chopping and baking, while listening to my fave tunes!  I love to get the kids involved too.  Usually they’re willing but sometimes I bribe them with the chance to play “Chopped.”  Whatever gets them excited about cooking and trying new things, right?? 

Each week’s Meal Plan will include:

1 “to-go” breakfast (for those mornings when you just need to get OUT THE DOOR)

1 soup (for lunches and/or crazy-busy weeknight dinner)

4 dinner options (simple and nutritious)

1 sweet treat (totally optional and mostly guilt free, for when you need to satisfy your sweet tooth)

Here is Week #1!!!

“To-Go” Breakfast: Healthy Banana Muffins – these are low fat and sweetened by bananas only, no sugar added!

Soup: Creamy Cauliflower Soup – loaded with veggies, low in fat, so tasty.

Dinner #1: Mini Turkey Meatballs & Easy Marinara – to save some time, make these meatballs on Sunday and freeze them.  Warm them in this quick sauce and done!

Dinner #2: Shepherd’s Pot Pie – simple, classic crowd pleaser.

Dinner #3: Chicken Fajita Bowls – only one pan required for these super simple fajitas. 

Dinner #4: Crockpot Chicken Veggie Curry – served with rice or noodles.

Sweet Treat: Lowfat Apple Snack Cake




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