13 Whole30 Meal Prep Bowls (Paleo Keto)

whole30 meal prep bowls

Whole30 Meal Prep Bowls (Paleo Keto) – clean eating has never been easier with these make ahead meals.  Stay on track with your Whole30 by prepping these delicious and protein packed meals for the week ahead.

Ask anyone who has completed a round or two of Whole30 and they’ll tell you the key to success is planning and prep.  I know from my own experience meal prep meals are not only a time saver, but essential to staying on track.  Temptations may run high, but the likelihood of cheating is much less when faced with a frig full of delicious and healthy prepared meals.

Whole30 does require a lot of time in the kitchen.  If you’re already not a fan of this, it may seem like a struggle at times.  It gets easier though with proper planning ahead.  Just a couple hours of meal prep on Sunday makes the struggle seem totally doable!  Having prepared grab-and-go lunches are a life saver!

The Best Whole30 Meal Prep Containers

I encourage you to invest in some glassware containers for your meal prep meals.  Choose 1 compartment, 2 compartment, or 3 compartment containers for easy storage!


For more advice, tips, and meal plans, head over to my Whole30 Survival Guide.  In the meantime, check out these easy Whole30 meal prep recipes.  I hand picked these based on their total yumminess factor and simplicity to make.  Nothing complicated here…just delicious real food and great flavor combos to keep you feeling satisfied all week long.

Favorite Whole30 Meal Prep Recipes

Meal Prep Shepherd’s Pie Bowls by Tastythin

Meal Prep Chipotle Beef Bowls by Tastythin

meal prep chipotle beef bowls with cauliflower rice and lettuce

Meal Prep Breakfast Bowls by The Bettered Blondie

Meal Prep Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wraps by Tastythin

meal prep buffalo chicken lettuce wraps in 3 section glass containers

Meal Prep Thai Chicken Lettuce Cups by Tastythin

thai chicken lettuce cups in meal prep containers

Korean Beef Bowls by Paleo Bailey


Mason Jar Asian Chicken Salads by Tastythin

Whole30 Meal Prep Mason Jar Asian Salad in large mason jar

Baked Chicken, Broccoli, & Sweet Potatoes by Recipe Diaries

Meal Prep Mason Jar Cobb Salads by Tastythin

whole30 mason jar cobb salad

Mason Jar Sweet Potato Turkey Scrambles by Physical Kitchness

Lemon Roasted Salmon Meal Prep by Little Spice Jar

Greek Healthy Meal Prep by 40Aprons

Sheet Pan Shrimp with Cherry Tomatoes & Asparagus Meal Prep by Primavera Kitchen

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    This list is awesome! My meals have been so easy to make ever since I started using these bowls. Thanks! 🙂

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